Jacob is an embedded software consultant with over 12 years of experience transforming embedded systems through technological innovation

Born and raised in Michigan, USA, Jacob founded his own embedded consulting company, Beningo Embedded Group (formerly Beningo Engineering), in 2009, and quickly became a globally sought-after software consultant, technical trainer and writer.
Today, Jacob’s work as president of Beningo Engineering spans multiple continents, with clients in Australia, Canada, Germany, the UK and across the United States. Jacob helps his clients leverage modern development techniques to dramatically transform their businesses and establish a high quality product presence. His firm, Beningo Engineering, is recognized as one of the leading embedded software consulting and technical education companies in the world.

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Jacob devotes his time to consulting, mentoring, speaking and writing about real-time embedded systems and leading Beningo Embedded Group.

A prolific writer about firmware, real-time embedded systems and career development, Jacob has published hundreds of articles. In 2016, he authored the book An API Standard for MCUs which teaches how to architect and implement embedded software that transforms software development through portability and re-usability.
When Jacob is not working with his clients, he enjoys his role as a father of two wonderful, energetic (and of course intelligent) children. As an amateur astronomer, Jacob enjoys spending free nights observing the universe and contemplating Biblical principles through the lens of a scientist and engineer.