Why Choose Beningo Engineering?

Beningo Engineering understands the design process and how to take a product from concept to production. Beningo Engineering has a track record of successfully engineering products across a wide range of industries. Our staff goes out of their way to ensure that our customers needs are met and that a quality product is delivered.  We don't only get the job done but are also easy going, fun to work with and can explain the engineering in layman's terms.  Beningo Engineering benefits include

  • Certified Software Development Professionals
  • Deliver the Quality of Safety Critical Devices
  • Cost Competitive On-Shore Engineering
  • Leverage Intellectual Property to Decrease Time to Market
  • Embedded Systems Experts
  • Design for Reuse and Maintainability

We not only do the engineering but also offer a wide range of embedded systems training as well.  Using our expertise and knowledge to ensure that our clients are well prepared for the engineering challenges a head.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your project be a success!