Training Overview


The rate at which embedded technologies are proliferating into our society is growing exponentially resulting in a high demand for qualified embedded software engineers.  The shortage of embedded engineers has resulted in experienced engineers being overworked and unable to keep up with changes in technology.


In order to assist this rapid paced industry, Beningo Engineering has developed a number of training courses focused on not only bringing entry level engineers up to speed but also keeping experienced engineers refreshed and up-to-ate on the latest technologies and methodologies.  We examine tips and tricks of the industry, programming languages, tools, management techniques, processes, design patterns and much more!


Our teaching approach is based on the belief that engineers learn by doing.  For this reason, our courses are based on a low cost development kit with labs in nearly every class oriented around it.  We offer courses as a move at your pace curriculum.  Attendees have complete access to have questions answerd at any time.


Courses that are currently being offered can be found by following the links below.  If you don't see what you want, feel free to contact us and we can custom tailor training for your needs! 



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Full / Half Day Courses 

An Introduction to Embedded Software Design Techniques

Intermediate Embedded Software Design Techniques

Introduction to Bootloader Design Techniques

A Beginners Guide to Programming in C


2-Hour Topic Training Courses

An Introduction to Static Code Analysis


Description: Compilers are great at discovering the syntax errors within a C program but they won’t catch potential bugs within the software.  Static analyzers pick up where the compiler leaves off by parsing through a program and searching for inconsistencies and redundancies which if left unchecked could result in glitches and bugs.  These tools act as a second set of eyes to ensure that the code quality is up to par.  This webinar will examine in detail what static analyzers do, how they will reduce bugs and get a beginner up and running with static code tools. 


Selecting the Right Microcontroller


Description: Selecting the right microcontroller for the task can be a daunting task.  Choosing poorly can result in product or even company failure.  Balancing the RAM/ROM, Power, Processing and peripheral equations can be disheartening!  How do you choose wisely?  What if requirements change?  Is there enough support and will the costs be controllable?  This webinar will not only discuss the process for selecting a microcontroller but will walk the attendees through an example project.  The next time you select a microcontroller you will be able to select it with confidence!


An Introduction to Embedded Software Architecture Design   


Description: Selecting and designing the right software architecture is a critical step in the product development process.  The wrong approach can lead to many issues such as the inability to add features, maintain the code, or even meet the most basic system requirements.  There are many design patterns that can be used to ensure success but the trick is recognizing the pattern through the application needs.  This webinar will examine different patterns for state driven, event driven and power efficient architectures. 


Minimizing Microcontroller Power Usage


Description: The proliferation of mobile devices has led to the need of squeezing every last micro-amp-hour out of batteries.  Maximizing the energy usage of a microcontroller is not always easy or straight forward.  A combination of sleep modes, peripheral control and other techniques can be used to maximize battery life.  In this webinar, strategies for optimizing battery life while maintaining the integrity of the system will be explored.



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