Protecting the brave men and women that keep our country safe is very important.  Financial and economic pressures have caused budget cuts which could jeopardize the safety of our armed forces.  As the military begins to look to commercial off-the-shelf products to help cover gaps in research funding, it is critical that they are provided with options that are not only cost effective but also reliable and robust.


No matter whether you are looking for embedded software components or complete design services, Beningo Engineering has the experience and expertise to accelerate the design cycle.  Beningo Engineering develops all of our software according to the strictest software standards.  We are familiar with the requirements of MISRA, DO-178, AUTOSAR and much more.  Beningo Engineering is working hard to help decrease costs by providing a number of products and services designed to speed up the design cycle and certification.  Our microcontroller frameworks are designed to quickly get boards up and running allowing attention to be focused on the application and not low level drivers.  Middleware components easily integrate into the framework.


We’ve worked on numerous military applications such as hybrid vehicle electronics, blast sensors, turret controllers and energy conversion devices to name a few.  Contact Beningo Engineering today to see how our embedded software frameworks, components and design services can accelerate the design cycle, improve system reliability while decreasing overall costs.


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