The SPO2 Module is a stand-alone module that can be added to any system to add blood oxygenation level and heart rate readings.  The module is based on the Freescale Kinetis-L family of low power microcontrollers, making this module perfect for battery operated applications.  The module contains all of the circuits necessary for driving an SPO2 sensor of the developers choice.  In addition to being low power, it is also nearly the size of a quarter.  


The microcontroller runs efficient embedded software based on the Beningo Engineering Kinetis-L driver framework.  The framework is architecturally layered, allowing for the SPO2 application code to be easily ported to a more powerful microcontroller if desired.  

The module comes pre-installed with firmware so no changes are necessary.  Production applications may wish to modify the firmware in order to gain access to exansion I/O and peripheral interfaces available on the Kinetis-L.    


The module currently supports serial communication protocol (SCI) for starting, stopping and receiving the SPO2 and heart rate data.  The SPO2 software includes calibration functions along with finger detection algorithms in order to ensure that the measurements are accurate to plus/minus 1%.


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