In it’s raw form it’s invisible.  Nothing more than “clumps” of negatively charged particles or lack thereof.  It’s mass is essentially zero.  Making it one of lightest products of human ingenuity.  Yet, embedded software can cost more than 10 times your weight in gold to develop.  The selection of the wrong processor, the use of improper development techniques, the lack of debugging skills and more can result in project delays, bugs, and redesigns which lead to project delays and ballooning project costs.


Beningo Engineering has the experience and expertise to safely navigate the challenges of embedded software development.  We have a wide range of industry experience extending from developing embedded software for automotive applications, consumer electronics, medical, military defense, mobile devices and space systems.  At Beningo Engineering, we take pride in providing high quality software that is written the right way the first time.  We follow strict industry standards such as ISO, IEEE and MISRA in order to develop software with a flexible architecture that allows easier portability.  The code that we develop is modular and aimed at being reusable and configurable.  This allows us to develop software quicker and cheaper.  We adhere to object oriented coding techniques such as the use of encapsulation and the minimization of global variables.  This technique decreases the chances of bugs being introduced into the software by limiting the scope of access to important system variables.  The code that we develop is easy to read, well document and we keep functions simple and short so that they are easy to understand and maintain.  We use static analysis tools such as lint in order to reveal potential flaws in the code.


Our primary software services are focused on the development of firmware for embedded applications.  In addition, we also provide extended services in order to meet all of our customers needs.  Below are a few examples of our firmware and extended services.

  • Software Architecture Design and Modeling
  • Start-up code
  • Bootloaders
  • Driver Development
  • Application Code

For questions, pricing, delivery and ordering information please contact us at Beningo Engineering.