“The Global ET software development process has improved as a result of your guidance in the area of source control and code analysis tools, your software design practices, and your approach to modular and highly structured software implementation.  Many of the software practices that you helped define and establish continue to be part of our software development procedures.  These have had an overall positive impact for Global ET as we continue to provide our customers with intelligent power control solutions. ”

Mark Stanczak
Global Embedded Technologies

“I first met Jacob when I was getting ready to prepare our BEARS product for production. Our embedded software was perfect for proof-of-concept but it lacked the architecture and design required for a robust product. Jacob worked with us to develop a layered and reusable software architecture that gave us the flexibility to adapt to various clients needs quickly. Not only did he design and implement the architecture, he guided us through the software development process and implemented process improvements such as source control, requirements traceability and testing procedures. The result was a robust, configurable and field up-gradable system that met the standards of the defense and automotive industry. I recommend Jacob as a consultant and look forward to the next project we work on together.”

Scott W Badenoch

“Canopus Systems US has been working with Jacob Beningo for almost a year. Jacob provided all the flight software, documentation and support for our intelligent solar panels for all our spacecraft missions. The quality of the software was at the seasoned professional level. Along with thorough commenting and code documentation, the delivery of working code was always early or on time. Even with gaps in the initial design from Canopus, Jacob took the initiative to fill those gaps and contact the appropriate team members. Interacting with Jacob on either telecons, skype calls or in person was never a hassle. His knowledge, experience, and how it was applied added much value to our team and overall mission. Jacob contributed a major part to the success of having two satellites on orbit.”

Michael Bertino
Project Manager
Canopus Systems

Jacob was everything I could hope for in an embedded systems consultant. He was very easy to work with, and communication was excellent and easy. He made sure he fully understood my needs and my design, and helped me write a lot of the documentation required by the customer. He also helped me restructure my code to have a more efficient architecture. I would recommend him and plan on using him as a consultant on future projects.

Alex Chou
Electrical Engineer
AGM Automotive, Inc.

“When we came up with the concept for the OneConnect home sleep study device we had exactly that, a concept. Jacob helped change that by taking our idea and turning it into a reality. He worked with us to flush out the design and developed a hardware and software architecture that will be our flagship platform. In addition to performing the actual design, Jacob also provided us with his insights into the development cycle and business which greatly helped us get our product to market. Jacob was easy to work with and I look forward to working with him on my next project.”

Chris Gillette
OneConnect, LLC

“Jacob was everything we could hope for in an embedded systems consultant. His understanding of the entire design process from requirements gathering, system architecting, implementation to testing and production was of great value to us. Jacob’s layered software architecture design allowed us to quickly adapt to changing customer requirements saving both time and cost. He is easy to work with and has a knack for taking a complex technical topic and explaining it in easy to understand terms. I would recommend him and look forward to working with him on my next project.”

Larry Roy
Vice President, Development
Embedded Logix

“Designing a robust and functional system starts with a good architecture design. Jacob worked with us to improve our embedded software architecture designs and helped us to implement a layered software architecture with clear and defined API’s. His method for documenting software and adhering to software standards was phenomenal. We recommend and look forward to working with Jacob on future embedded software projects.”

Ron Shelby
C&S Engineering

Persis Consulting hired Jacob to help one of our automotive clients develop a next-gen infotainment prototype. Jacob’s experience with both the hardware and software side of embedded systems brought immediate value to the project. He was a key resource responsible for integration of top-of-line sensors and user input devices for the proof-of-concept system. I find Jacob to technically astute and able to not only accept, but excel with cutting-edge research and development projects.

We at Persis view Jacob as a strong partner and look forward to working with him in the future.

Jim Salter
Persis Consulting

Jacob Beningo conducted a 5-session hands-on class on the fundamentals of microcontrollers for EETimes University, that was sponsored by STMicroelectronics. While the “fundamentals” approach was familiar, we added the unique hands-on wrinkle and Jacob proved to be an excellent instructor. He adapted seminar material we supplied and patiently walked the on-line class through lessons while contributed to their learning about the valuable features of the provided STM32 microcontroller and Discovery Kit. His success in leading the class was amply demonstrated in the outstanding participant engagement during the sessions and in their comments and feedback afterwards.

— Michael Markowitz, Director Technical Media Relations, STMicroelectronics